The matters listed below represent a sampling of engagements successfully concluded over the past few years.

Previous business-related matters include:

  • Led legal team in connection with purchase of US-based entity from Chinese state news service, Xinhua
  • Representation of a start-up medical device company, including guidance regarding key hires and angel investor issues, and negotiation of prototype development agreement
  • Successful negotiation of physician-practice agreements for multiple physician clients working in a variety of medical settings
  • Negotiation of multiple reseller agreements for telecommunications hardware distributor
  • Corporate restructuring of an automobile dealership in connection with key personnel changes
  • Amicable resolution of protracted “business divorce” among founding members of a financial services firm
  • Management of trademark portfolio of an intellectual property holding company
  • Advice and counsel to a start-up software company in connection with appropriate entity structure, and preparation of operating agreement, employment and independent contractor agreements and restrictive covenant agreements with all parties
  • Restructuring of affiliated real estate development and management companies to minimize tax and liability exposures

Previous arts, entertainment, and sports-related matters include:

  • Negotiation of life story rights resulting in option purchase by recent Academy Award® winning director
  • Representation of multiple authors with respect to all literary rights (including book-to-film, foreign language/translation and e-book rights), vis-à-vis publishers, literary, foreign and talent agents, and other parties
  • Resolution of claims on behalf of award-winning photographer against multiple infringing parties
  • Representation of celebrity contestant on popular television program Dancing With the Stars
  • Negotiation of an appearance by a well-known sports personality on a popular U.K.-based reality television program
  • Representation of a sculptor commissioned by both the City of Philadelphia and the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority to create significant public artworks
  • Negotiation of multi-year sports commentating agreements with cable television sports networks in US and UK, on behalf of on-air talent
  • Successful negotiation with both literary agency and publisher for sale of rights to important non-fiction public policy works, on behalf of author
  • Successful defense and settlement of claims of copyright infringement brought by a photographer against a Philadelphia-based performing arts company
  • Licensing of the name, image and likeness of a well-known personality and civil rights activist to a multinational credit card issuer in connection with an affinity credit card
  • Representation of “talent” with respect to numerous endorsement and spokesperson matters, internet/television campaigns, and documentary film productions
  • Successful resolution of claims of trademark infringement brought by Fortune 100 company against a Philadelphia talent agency and artist
  • Representation of a well-known public figure with respect to speaking engagements, television and radio, and other public appearances
  • License of name, likeness and image of iconic athlete to EA Sports for use in multi-platform video game